Dan Welsch

It goes without saying that this man is a walking encyclopedia of music knowledge and who also possesses a passion for music, which is the driving force behind Suffolk Recording Studios. Dan, a musician in his own right, fronts his own band called Lonesome Dan and The Crumudgeons. He built the studio to support an idea that music is a collective and creative process that should be shared by all. Upon finding this amazing space, he loosely modeled it after an old RCA Nashville studio to evoke an era where these ideas would come to fruition. Through time and evolution, the space has transformed. It has catered to the local musicians and out of towners alike. Currently, Dan Welsch is also co-owner and booking agent of the revered and successful “89 North” Music Venue-right up the street from Suffolk Recording Studios. It’s a perfect match as many artists who played the venue have recorded at the facility and conversely.

Ryan Welsch 

A musician as well as an engineer Ryan has been involved in all aspects of the studio since it opened in 2008. If you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life is his motto and that’s why he hasn’t worked since 2008. Also a partner with Dan at 89 North Music Venue Ryan has more than decade of experience in live sound as well studio work.

Dan Malloy

If you’re looking for a consummate perfectionist with a solid ear for pitch and tone and a giant passion for music, Dan Malloy may just be your man.  From his beginnings on 4 track cassette machines in the mid 90’s through his education at Five Towns College at the turn of the millennium and onward throughout his career, Dan is always striving to learn, improve, and produce the best possible product for his client’s individual styles and sounds.  Equally at home working in Country, Funk, or Death Metal, Dan’s adaptability and attention to detail are his greatest strengths. Also a master editor having worked with big names like Rob Caggiano (Volbeat / ex-Anthrax) and James Murphy (ex-Testament / Death / Obituary / Disincarnate / Cancer), his work can be heard on many major releases by bands such as Cradle of Filth, World Under Blood, Lazarus AD, Havok, Aborted, System Divide, and many more.  Dan has an extensive background in music theory to bring to your sessions and work through problem sections in songs, and is also an accomplished Singer and Vocal Coach, who will gladly work with your singer and push them to heights they never imagined possible.  

Keith Moore
Keith brings an extreme amount of diversity to Suffolk Recording Studios. He has been producing, writing, and engineering for the last 10 years, most notable out of defunct Brooklyn based studio Coyote Recording. Keith, a native Patchogue resident, also had a very successful home recording studio called Sick Studios. He has cultivated a multitude of different style bands over the years and brings that to the table. We are proud to have Keith onboard in the continuing evolution of freelance engineers here at Suffolk Recording Studios.