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Pro Tools HD
Digi 192 Int
Control 24 Desk
24 Channels SSL 615E Mic PreAmps
SPL MicPre/Compressor   Universal Audio LA610
Jbl LSR 2300 Studio Monitors
Genelec 1030a Reference Monitors
Event 20/20 Reference Studio Monitors


Sennheiser 421/441/602/604/609
Neumann TLM103/U67/KM184
Beyer M201
Shure KSM27/SM53/57/58/59/81/87A/SM7B
Audio Technica AT4050/C87/AT813/AT2500
EV RE20/PL80/PL9/PL5
AKG Vintage D12/C451b/D112/C414/C100/D190E
Heil PL22
Audix D5/D6
Sony ECM270
Rode K2/NT1A


Vox AC30C2 Combo
Vox AC30HW Head
Vox TB35C1 Bruno
Vox NT15 Combo
Marshall JMP 50W Head
Marshall Super Bass 100
Hiwatt DR504 50w
Mesa Boogie Dual Rec
Peavey 5150 100w Head
Marshall JCM800 100w
Marshall 2×12 Greenback Cab
Marshall 4×12 Greenback Cab
Marshall 4×12 1960B
Hiwatt 4×12
Mesa Boogie 4×12 Straight Cab
Vintage Fender 1965 Twin Reverb
Fender Deluxe
Ampeg SVT 8×10 Cab
Gallien Krueger RB800/Backline 410 cab
Eden Traveler 550/ Eden 410


Premier 12/13/16/22
Ludwig 13/16/18/24
Ludwig 12/13/14/16/20
DW 12/14/16/22
Tama 6×14 Brass Snare
Noble&Cooley 5×14 Solid Maple Shell Snare
Ludwig 5×14 COB Snare
Ludwig 6.5×14 Supraphonic Snare
Assorted Percussion


Fender P-Bass
Gibson Les Paul Gold Top
Gibson J45
Fender Stratocaster
Vox 55 Gold Top
Danolectro DC2
Danolectro DC2-612
Danolectro Baritone
Lag T200JCE Acoustic


Fender Rhodes
Korg X50
Korg SP300
Wurlizter Baby Grand Piano
Hammond Organ

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